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Berne Hotel Travel Guide

General information

 Berne is the capital of Switzerland, lies in the Swiss plateau within the Canton of Bern, and 20 kilometers from north of the Bernese Alps. The two mountains which named Gurten and Bantiger is close to Berne. The old town of Berne is the historic  center , it has been featured in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1983, and Berne is among the world’s top ten cities for the best quality of life. Berne is Switzerland's electronic communications, computer technology, medical care and service industry center, and also Administrative and banking centre. In summer the River Aare provides an opportunity for the ultimate bathing experience.

Berne  features many heritage sites of national significance. Apart from the entire Old Town and many sites within it, these include the Bärengraben, the Gewerbeschule Bern (1937), the Eidgenössisches Archiv für Denkmalpflege, the Kirchenfeld mansion district (after 1881), the Thunplatzbrunnen, the Federal Mint building, the Federal Archives, the Swiss National Library, the Historical Museum (1894), Alpine Museum, Museum of Communication and Natural History Museum.


approx. 127 188, agglomeration 300'000








Roman Catholic


Federal Capital:

since 1848



(Old Observatory, ground zero for ordnance survey)
Latitude 46° 57' 12,7" N., longitude 7° 25', 43,1" E. of Greenwich..


Altitude city centre:

542 m (min. 481 m, max. 675 m ASL)

Municipal area:

52 km2; about a third of which is public park and woods. Agglomeration 184 km2.


Central European continental climate.



Average temperature range



in spring

4 - 12 °C


in summer

16 °C


in autumn

8 - 12 °C


in winter

-1.5 - +3 °C

Summer- & Winter time:

Summer time begins on the last Sunday in March



Winter time begins on the last Sunday in October.




 Berne is founded in 1191 by Count Berchtold V of Zahringen. He had the oak forests covering the peninsula felled, using the timber for houses. The Clock Tower formed the city gate. During the construction of the city, the Count  killed the first animal--- bear, so to now, bears remain indelibly associated with Berne. In 1224, the image of bear is first appeared in Berne’s coat of arms. Berne became an Imperial Free City in 1218, due to the Count Berchtold died without an heir. In the 13th century, Bern expanded towards the west, and the Prison Tower formed the new main gate. In 1353 Bern joined the young Swiss Confederation, becoming a leading member of the confederation, and was regarded in the late Middle Ages as the biggest and most powerful city-state north of the Alps. In 1831 Berne became the capital of the Canton of Bern,  and in 1848 it additionally became the Swiss capital.

Berne Hotel Travel Guide


Tourist attraction

 The medieval air of Berne with its many fountains, sandstone facades, narrow streets and historic towers is unique. Berne have a huge range of things worth seeing. Berne is also home to some Switzerland’s famous museums.

Bear pits& park: Bear pits is Berne’s landmark, and now it is being expand to a large bear park. The Bernese heraldic animal will be released into a new freedom on the beautiful slopes of the river Aare. The BearPark will be opened in October 2009.

Munster Cathedral: is the largest ecclesiastical building. It is built in 1421. The portal with its depiction of the Last Judgment is an outstanding feature. The vantage point of this masterpiece is located 344 steps above the entrance in the 100-meter-high cathedral spire.

Botanical gardens: located in the central area of Berne, cover a 2-hectare area featuring around 6'000 plant species growing outdoors and in seven greenhouses. Tourists can visit a big selection of alpine plants and  plants from Asia and North America.

House and Square of Parliament: the house of Parliament is the seat of the Swiss government, National Council and Council of States. It is built from 1852, and completed in 1902. The  building complex consisting of three parts. Square of Parliament  is one of Switzerland's most symbolically meaningful places. Since 3 August 2004 the square hosts traditional markets, and also offer parking spaces for cars.

French church: this church is the oldest church in Berne.

Old town : sandstone houses, narrow streets, fountains and the medieval air make this city unique. The boutiques, bars and cabaret stages of the old town, some of which are located in vaulted cellars, and the small street cafes attract locals as well as a lot of tourists.

 Abegg-Stiftung Rigisberg: there are the world’s most important textile collections, and is a centre for the research and conservation of historic textiles. It opens from April to October.

Einstein Museum: it is a part of the Historical Museum of Berne. The museum records Einstein’s life, provide visitors a easy way to understand Physics.

Historical Museum of Berne: it is one of Switzerland’s most distinguished historical collections. If you want to learn the history of Berne, it is an ideal place.



 Onion market is a is a traditional folk festival in Berne, it held on the fourth Monday in every November. Farmers from the surrounding area bring more than 50 tons of onions come here, tourists can eat most delicious cheese, cheese cake, onion cakes and onion soup.

Christmas market: tourist can find special candles, gifts and handmade souvenirs in the market. The market is often held in the old town. And this year (2009), will be held at at the Waisenhausplatz from November 28 until December 29 and at the Münsterplatz from November 28 until December 24.

Carnival in Berne: it has became the third largest event of Switzerland’s carnival events. During this time,  street theatre and music takes place everywhere.

Berne Hotel Travel Guide



 Public transport works well in Bern, with tram, S-Bahn and bus lines which connect the different parts of the City. The train station is located at the western edge of the old town, within a few minutes’  walk  to most hotels and sights. The city centre is so small that you can easily walk to everywhere. The station also offer bike-rental facilities. Several Aare bridges connect the old town with the newer quarters outside of the peninsula. Bern airport located located outside the city near the village of Belp.

Map of Berne


Berne Hotels, Travel Guide Hotel in Berne